A List of Life Insurers in South Africa

South Africa is abound with life insurance companies, so much so that it is has some of the largest insurers in the world. Large however, doesn’t necessarily mean the best, and that’s what we aim to show you here at Insurance ‘n More. You have options, and every life insurer should be viewed in its own merits and disadvantages.

Ask yourself if they offer burial cover, disability cover, income protection, chronic and dread disease cover. If the answer is yes, then you’re on the right track.

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    Below are some life insurers in the country.

    Sanlam Life Insurance

    Sanlam’s extensive product range makes it the number 1 publicly held insurance company in South Africa. Find out more about Sanlam Life Cover.

    Old Mutual

    Old Mutual’s life insurance business is the largest long-insurance provider in South Africa. Although the company is no longer domiciled in South Africa, it still keeps strong ties to our country, so much so that we as South Africans contribute the most to the company’s income. Old Mutual has a variety of life insurance products all of which are quite compeling for any individual. Simply put, Old Mutual has something for everyone. Find out more about Old Mutual Life Insurance’s policies by visiting this link: Old Mutual Life Insurance South Africa.

    1Life Cover

    Newer to the long-term insurance market is 1Life Insurance. The company is no stranger to name changes, which have included 1Life Direct Insurance, and simply 1Life Direct. It’s insistance on the word “Direct” was their way to show to insurance buyers that it sells its life insurance policies direct to you – that there’s no middleman. That strategy has worked wonders for them. If you’re interested in 1Life, visit our 1Life Direct Isurance section.

    FRANT.NET Life Insurance

    The colourful FRANK.NET is a company under the Liberty Life group, in partnership with Munich Re, the world’s largest reinsurance company. FRANK.NET is another insurer that’s solely involved in the direct sales of life insurance policies, which can save you thousands of rands. Here’s a link to all that is to know about FRANK.NET Life Cover.

    Metropolitan Life Cover

    Metropolitan forms the 1/2 of MMI Holdings, the insurance group that also comprises of Momentum. Metropolitan offers 4 different life insurances. Visit our section about Metropolitan Life Cover for more.

    Momentum Life Insurance

    Momentum offers a wide range of long-term insurance products including life cover. By taking up insurance from Momentum, not only are you open to world class financial advice, but their award winning rewards programme as well called Momentum Multiply.

    Outsurance Life Cover

    You probably know of Outsurance for its tacky car insurance commercials on TV, but did you know that the company also has life insurance? It’s actually quite a compelling offer they have, and sure worth knowing more about on our Outsurance Life Cover section.

    Besides being in the business of selling life insurance, these companies have another thing in common. They are all regulated by the Office of the Long-Term Insurance Ombudsman of South Africa.

    The main role of the Ombudsman is to tackle disputes you might have for claims you make with any of the insurance companies above. It is an important office, and one we at Insurance ‘n More wish you use as often and wisely as possible.