Here’s Why Hollard Funeral Insurance for Your Parents Matters

Funeral cover is one of the most important considerations during your financial planning. And although making sure you, your spouse and children are insured, funeral cover for your parents is an equally important plan you should consider. Hollard funeral cover for parents is a perfect example of how insuring your parents should be.

There are a couple of ways you can get funeral cover for parents from Hollard, and we will explain this to you below. For other funeral insurance cover quotes, you can fill in the form below.


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Different Ways to Buy Hollard Funeral Cover for Your Parents

Many of us still take care of our parents and parents-in-law, and getting them insured is no longer the hassle it used to be. Hollard offers you the option to add them as part of your policy much like you would your spouse and children. So when you buy an insurance policy from Hollard, you can add your parents the same way you would add your spouse, your children, or any other member of your extended family. However, the option to add your parents to your policy is not just limited to when you enter your insurance contract with Hollard. You can add your parents to your policy at any time even after you’ve taken up the policy – it could be months or even years after.

Another option available to you is if your parents and/or parents-in-law take up their own policies. This has some benefits over the first option in a couple of ways. While going with the other route will cover your parents, the extent of that cover will be limited to a maximum of R20,000 per parent. This means that when any one of them passes away, at most R20,000 will be paid to your towards their funeral expenses. With the option where your parents take up cover for themselves, they will enjoy the benefits of full cover that can be a maximum of R50,000.

  • Cover from Hollard starts from R10,000 to R50,000
  • For an extra premium, you can cover your parents who are under 75 years old for up to R20,000
  • Your cover keeps up with inflation by increasing by at least 6% per year
  • There are no medical examinations
  • You can choose from a multitude of extra benefits like Hollard Life Cover which pays out a maximum of R150,000
  • Hollard’s Memorial Benefit can be as much as R10,000
  • R100,000 for personal accidental death and disability cover
  • What’s great is that all of this can be paid out within just 24 hours from the time you send in your claim, which can also be done online!

There is a trade-off that you need to consider with either option for funeral cover for parents. The one is that if your require more cover for them, it might be better if they take up their own policies but you cover the monthly premiums associated with those policies. This will cost a little bit more however, than when you add them to your existing policy.

Truly speaking, if you want to cover all your bases, then it would not be a bad idea to get both. If your parents are capable, then they should be more than willing to pay their own funeral insurance premiums, and you can also extend the usefulness of this financial planning, by further covering them with your own policy. In the end, the R50 or extra you pay will only go towards the benefit of you and your family, so you have nothing to lose.

There are of course other options available to your beside Hollard funeral cover for parents, as other funeral insurance companies provide equally good products. The only way you can really be sure if you should get Hollard’s or any other is if you compare funeral cover quotes. You can easily do that with the above form.

Death doesn’t have to be a financial burden, and Insurance ‘n More is here to ensure that you can make informed decisions about your funeral planning, by assisting you with independent reviews of the different products out there.

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