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Voted South Africa’s best banking group, and recently the most innovative bank in the world, First National Bank, more commonly known as FNB, offers world class products and services that will definitely leave you asking yourself why you didn’t consider banking and more specifically insuring with FNB. FNB funeral cover for parents is one such product, and you can find detail about this specific funeral insurance option here.

FNB Funeral Insurance Prices

Your parents have been the pillar of your life for a very long time, so why not ensure they are buried with dignity? FNB funeral cover is just the product you may need to give them the dignity they need. From just as little as R58 per month, you could cover your parents and/or in-laws individually.


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Below is a schedule of what it will cost for you to cover your parents:

  • Parents up to 64 years old can be covered from R58 to R84 per month for R10,000 to R15,000 cover.
  • Parents from 65 to 75 years old can be cover from R95 to R136 per month for R10,000 to R15,000 insurance cover.

The above are some of the most affordable funeral insurance premiums in South Africa, and offer a great way for you to ensure your family’s financial soundness when any of your parents die. Think about the financial loss you’d find yourself without funeral cover. It’s certainly something that most people don’t want to be in. The costs of a funeral can easily run into the 10s of thousands of rands, so ask yourself if you would rather pay that much money out of your own pocket or would you not be better off parting with as little as R58 per month to secure financial soundness when that dreadful day comes.

Additional Benefits

FNB knows that a mere funeral insurance policy just doesn’t cut it these days. You can get a memorial benefit for yourself and flexibility to change the level of cover you require from your policy. Also, the company offers complete whole life cover for all members of your immediate and extended family who are covered under your policy.

What Else You Need to Know About FNB Funeral Cover for Parents

There are two ways to cover your parents. The one is if they take out their own policies, for which they would be their own policyholders and you may pay their monthly premiums, or as explained above, another way is to add them as members in your policy. With either option, they will enjoy the benefits offered by First National Bank.

If you add your parents or in-laws as members, you need to be the main policyholder.

You need to have a valid South African bank account, which in fact does not need to be FNB’s. It can be ABSA, Standard Bank, Nedbank, Capitec, or any other cheque or savings account.

FNB’s total cover of R15,000 (which is adjustable) is within industry standards, but there are a couple of other affordable funeral insurance providers who offer cover like R20,000 or more. You can use our form above to compare funeral insurance cover quotes in South Africa, which should help you make informed decisions.

FNB Funeral Cover Contact Details

FNB, a division of First Rank Limited is a financial services company that offers banking and insurance solutions to South African citizens. FNB is based in Sandton, South Africa and can be contact via the means below.


CALL: 087 575 9404

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